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Lake Garda

Discover Lake Garda Italy
Lake Garda

Lake Garda is Italy’s largest lake, the most majestic and picturesque, which was call Benacus by the Romans.
Lake Garda is shared by three regions, Veneto, on the eastern shores with countless Mediterranean flora, Lombardia, on its western shores, rich of always green vegetation and Trentino, on the northern point, enclosed by Mount Baldo.
Lake Garda is of glacial origin, formed in the quaternary or Neozoic era, from the frozen tongue of the Sarca River.

It’s mild climate, typically Mediterranean favors the vegetation that surrounds, not only its water fronts, but also inland through villages and parishes. The mountains help to repair from the cold northern winds. The summer heat held in by the water mass is redistributed in winter on the cultivations of olives, lemons and grape vines. This singular landscape frame favors Mount Baldo, known as Europe’s Garden for its incredible variety of flora.

Lake Garda

The shores, surrounded by villages and towns, add to the charm of the natural environment and to the evidence of ancient areas: roman settlements, medieval fortresses, impressive palaces, patrician villas.

Lake Garda

With its roman parishes, the baroque churches and its sanctuaries, with their monks, Lake Garda offers itself in its different personalities even as an incomparable place of spirituality. Its many cultural events, prestigious musical and dance appointments, large exhibitions and folk displays accompany visitors all year long.
The close by cities of Verona, Mantua, Brescia, and Trento also offer a rich and prestigious corollary of events and places to visit.

For those who love good food, Garda offers a delicious, simple and in the same time a refined kitchen. From its genuinely it has become its strong point. Lake fish, extra vergin olive oil, wines, truffles, cheeses and pasta represent inviting occasions to stop in an elegant restaurant or in one of the many characteristic trattoria’s. And of course a stop at a wine cellar or at an olive press is a must, to discover the typical productions of the Garda territory.

Its natural parks, water parks and fun parks are a real and proper system which crown the lake. They offer unforgettable occasions for amusement for both young and adult visitors. There is no time for getting bored, with the many different opportunities offered by the Garda nightlife. The discos, pubs, piano bars are a sure attraction for lovely evenings in a magical setting of lights from the lake and the flashes of fire works often light up the summer nights.

Lake Garda
Lake Garda
Lake Garda

Lake Garda and its territory are a complete gym for those who love an active holiday, with sports or athletic events of very kind.

Lake Garda is ideal for wind-surfing, sailing or rowing and even for those who enjoy pleasure crafts, fishing and diving. Inland you can find a rich variety of modern equipment for those who are fond of bike riding and horse riding, for those who love trekking and long mountain excursions or for those who prefer tennis or golf it is an ideal holiday place.

Lake Garda offers relaxing holidays to all who wish to recover their strength and mind in contact with nature. Lake Garda is the place for a healthy holiday where together with its lovely climate you can regain strength and a perfect figure at the thermal spas, which are offered in modern establishments, constantly renewed and offering modern treatments.

Lake Garda
Perimeter: 125 KmSurface: 370 sqm
Maximum length: 51 KmMaximum depth: 346 m
Maximum width: 17 KmAltitude: 65m. a.s.l.
Main affluent: Sarca riverUnique effluent: Mincio river
Islands: Isle of Garda, Saint Biagio (or Rabbit’s Island), Trimelone, Isle of Dream, Isle of Olive, Stella Reef at San Vigilio.
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